TideTrac $2.99
Download the best tide app for iPhone and iPad. Use TideTrac to easily find high tide and low tide events in your area. Advanced visualization of tide data helps you to plan effectively with no effort at all. Works offline and accurate too.
LightTrac $4.99
LightTrac helps photographers plan their outdoor photo shoots ahead of time by helping them find the perfect light conditions, time and location to photograph their subjects anywhere in the world. LightTrac is a must have for outdoor photographers, architects, real-estate agents, solar panel installers & even gardeners.
Moon Calendar $0.99
View Moon calendar for any month, for any location. Search, add, switch between multiple locations. Lookup Moonrise, Moonset, Sunrise and Sunset times, also find the exact time a Full Moon or New Moon occurs. Universal app availble for iPad and iPhone.
True Compass $0.99
True Compass does much more than just giving out a compass reading. Share your current location or a destination with others easily. Let true compass guide you or your friends to your location. Search any location or drop a pin for setting a destination. Available for iPhone & iPad.